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Bob S.

“I first came to chiropractic about the age of 9. My dad would make periodic trips to the chiropractor’s office just up the street from our home and he would sometimes take me along.”

Russell V.

“Sports-related injuries caused limited movement in my joints and spine. Some days, I was unable to be the athlete I wanted to be. I tried traditional medicine and x-rays.”

Lisa R.

“I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) with rapid weight loss. I would eat eight big meals daily and still could not keep anything in. I had extreme pain all the time on the left side mostly.”

Mary T.

“Over a period of more than 20 years I had experienced back pain, the most debilitating of which was centered in my lower back. The condition would result in severe muscle spasms”

Rachel M.

“I had two fused vertebra in my back from an old horseback riding accident and had recently been diagnosed with a condition, pseudo tumor cerebri. I had severe headaches, trouble sleeping,”