Dr. Fretty is a native San Franciscan and has been a chiropractor since 1998, when he graduated from Life Chiropractic College West. He discovered the power of chiropractic after traditional medicine failed to alleviate my back pain following a sports injury.

Dr. Fretty’s mission is to offer patients the opportunity to harness their body’s own ability to heal without drugs or surgery. Through this, people improve and maintain their optimal health. This is Dr. Fretty’s passion and the essence of the chiropractic philosophy.

Dr. Fretty’s approach to care is to make you comfortable and to create a treatment plan tailored to fit your specific needs. He uses a multidisciplinary approach to healing which includes a combination of spinal adjustment, exercise, physiotherapy and nutrition.

Dr. Fretty is excited to work with you! He looks forward to helping you take charge of restoring and maintaining your optimal health. He appreciates the opportunity to work with you in the future and thank you for visiting this website.